Should Dawn be forced to settle her claim through arbitration? Why?

Tooter’s and ADR Tooters Restaurant used an alternative dispute resolution program. Employees of Tooters had to sign an “agreement to arbitrate employment-related disputes” to be eligible for raises, transfers, and promotions. Under the agreement, both Tooters and the employee agreed to resolve all disputes arising out of employment, including “any claim of discrimination, sexual harassment, … Read more

Has Kilo acted unethically in any way(s)? Explain using one of the ethical philosophies from the readings and facts from the scenario.

Explain using one of the ethical philosophies from the readings and facts from the scenario. Case of Global Ethics vs. Global Economy This is a case that will be tried in the court of Public Opinion. Kilo Shoe Company, a United States corporation, buys clothing assembled by Crystal, LTD., a foreign company that employs children … Read more

What other basis for a lawsuit might Martha have against the insurance company? Explain

Does the clause making the policy effective only after a medical examination violate public policy? Explain The Case of the Customer Who Died to Soon Facts: On October 26, a Wednesday Country Life Insurance agent went to the house of Martha and Gary Andersen. He persuaded the Andersens to buy a life insurance policy and … Read more

Discuss how this image connects to your research paper

Critical Analysis One of our focuses for this class is to develop our critical thinking skills. Critical thinking allows us to “read between the lines” and look beyond the obvious. We have read several essays and answered journal questions that require us to use our critical thinking skills. This next assignment will expand on those … Read more

How are women depicted in popular culture today?

Look in five different types of magazines or media to find five images of how a woman is depicted. Read pages 211-232 in the online text Links to an external site.. How are women depicted in popular culture today? The expression “sex sells” can readily be validated by looking in virtually any advertisement or magazine, … Read more

Demonstrate your ability to utilize course concepts and incorporate case studies in producing knowledge through cultural criticism in writing.

who is assigned as an immigrant is another example of hegemony and its tremendous influence in the way we interpret knowledge and language to reproduce social relations that maintain elite rule and dominance. Closing Lecture Remarks Understanding capitalism’s influence over our everyday lives and not just the historical past is a lifelong endeavor most of … Read more

Which conflict management strategies from this chapter are you willing to put into use in that relationship?

What factors do you believe contributed to the situation write 3 paragraphs about the following topics: Some conflict throughout history has spread perniciously, as the cancer model might suggest. Have you personally experienced such enlargement of conflict in a group? If so, what factors do you believe contributed to the situation? At what poinAt did … Read more

Write a 500-600 word research paper reflecting on your learning experience in the course and where you are on your journey or becoming a “college-level writer as described above.

A4  Argument Essay (15%)  Reflection The ability to write clearly and coherently using standard language to share informed views on a given topic is a crucial skill for college students. Consider the goals and outcomes of the Written Communication course as stated in the syllabus and also what you have learned or unlearned so far … Read more

What do you think the performance is asking you to feel or think, as a viewer?

What moments stuck out for you, and helped contribute to and shape your overall understanding of the play Prompt In some ways, this is a free-wheeling response paper to your experience reading and watching Young Jean Lee’s play We’re Gonna Die. What do you think the performance is asking you to feel or think, as … Read more