How does it relate to Stepping Off the Relationship escalator?

What is the romance myth and summarize Professor Essig’s argument Journal Question: As you prepare to end this course with this final journal, reflect on and summarize the key lessons in this unit. Make sure you include evidence that you read the lecture notes and readings. Answer this question: What is the romance myth and … Read more

Where is gender more salient? Less? How so? And why do you think that is?

How does this shape your experiences Higher education as a gendered institution.Sociology We’ve introduced the idea that education is a gendered institution governed by norms and policies and that the salience of gender often ebbs and flows across different contexts, activities, and spaces. Consider the particular organization in which you are now embedded: college. Brainstorm … Read more

Discuss how any theories of deviance, such as labeling, conflict, strain, differential association or other concepts related to the chapter on deviance help you to understand the experiences of your author.

Autobiography. ( tyler perry: Higher is waiting) Sociological Content. ( sociology 1-3 PowerPoint should help with the autobiograph Based on readings in your textbook, The Core, including such topics as sociological theories, socialization, culture, deviance, stratification, gender, the family and religion and other topics, elaborate on the content topics listed below and integrate these topics … Read more

What has impacted your beliefs about gender in your everyday life?

Journal Reflection Assignment Prompt: What are the distinctions in sociology between the terms sex and gender? What importance does the differentiation between the terms have in modern society? Also discuss gender stratification and provide examples of gender stratification from the U.S. or other societies. Find a recent news piece (within the last year) related to … Read more

What are the characteristics of those, when they jaywalk, who seem to be followed by people who were previously waiting for the light to change?

Jaywalking study Lab Exercise: Observing Jaywalkers Observe social dynamics of jaywalking defined narrowly: pedestrians crossing street against light at intersectiod Pick 2 intersections, & observe at each for 20 minutes. Notes and analysis should focus on two questions: Who jaywalks and who doesn’t? What characteristics describe each group? Who stimulates jaywalking by others? What are … Read more

What is the difference between a kinship unit and a consumption unit, and why is the difference important to an understanding of the family and household transition?

Describe them and their likely impact on future demographic trends in the United States. Why do you think that race and ethnicity affect life chances in so many different societies? Discuss the ways in which each of the other components of the demographic transition lead up to and help explain the family and household transition. … Read more

Why would these SLU values along with honesty, justice, and consistency be important considerations for the legalization debate?

Research and explain the pros and cons of this debate. The debate over the legalization of marijuana in the United States has been raging for over a century, with both sides having clear points of view. Research and explain the pros and cons of this debate. After you have presented both sides of the debate, … Read more

What policy recommendations would you make that might encourage families to have children?

Read the provided article and thoroughly address the following questions and submit in a Word document Answer the following questions based on article This article examines the post-covid fertility rates in the U.S. It demonstrates how fertility, immigration, mortality, and the economy are intricately intertwined. Read the provided article and thoroughly address the following questions … Read more

Identify relevant object/area/feature/environment for this assignment.

Find the Images icon on the menu and select Upload Image. Photography project Instruction: This assignment provides you with an opportunity to be a sociologically informed photojournalist. You have been tasked with bringing attention to an issue (or social problem) affecting your community. Your goal is to use a photograph to inform the public about … Read more

How do they offer the larger culture new ways of thinking, seeing, being and doing?

Gender Outlaws For the two chosen selections from part 2 which have been attached from Gender Outlaws personally reflect on these passages. Which two are you focusing on for this discussion? How have they challenged and confronted you? How have they opened your eyes and expanded your perspective? How do these selections challenge and confront … Read more