Research some criminal cases that resulted in the death penalty. Write an essay using these accounts to support your arguments either for or against the death penalty.

Directions: Choose one of the following topics and/or form your own topic (must be able to debate it) to create a well-developed argumentative essay supporting your point.
An infamous 1998 medical journal report by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose research sparked international concern claiming that the MMR vaccine caused autism. Although Wakefield retracted his statement, which alarmed so many, there are still parents who are not allowing their children to receive the recommended vaccinations. Prior to his research, vaccinations were commonly given to protect individuals from common diseases such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc. There is no medical evidence that autism is linked to immunizations. Why then is there still debate nearly twenty years later, and why are parents still choosing not to vaccinate?
For decades, the educational system relies on standardized assessments for student placement, achievement, etc. Are tests like SAT, ACT, FCAT, FSA effective/reliable?
Visit the website death, and research some criminal cases that resulted in the death penalty. Write an essay using these accounts to support your arguments either for or against the death penalty. Be sure to document your sources and to include a works cited page.
Over the years, technology has expanded and enhanced the lives for many individuals in hopes of bringing us together with means of providing better communication. However, does technology really bring us together or does it make us more alone?
Usually, kids are starting school around three-four years old. Nowadays, parents have many types of schools to place their child in to receive an education. However, usually the better education one receives comes at a costly premium that many may not be able to afford. This brings up the concern: should an effective/good education be provided for free for everyone?
The essay must consist of a minimum of five well-developed paragraphs and no less than two typed pages. Since you are arguing/debating a point, you must use facts, as well as opinions, to support your topic. As a reminder, you do not want to present a biased argument. Therefore, at least two body paragraphs must support your thesis, and then you must have a minimum of one body paragraph negating your thesis. The facts and support for your argument must be cited in MLA format, and the paper must contain a work’s cited page indicating the sources used (must have a minimum of two sources). Your Work’s Cited page cannot be the first or second page of your essay since your essay needs to be a minimum of two typed pages. The thesis statement must be stated, and the paper must be written in third person point-of- view. Papers should be double-spaced and use Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1-inch margins. In the top left corner (not in the “header”), you should include your first and last name, my first and last name, the date, ENC 1101 and Formal Essay # 3. The title, which should be original, must be centered but NOT italicized, bolded, underlined, in a different font size, or in quotation marks; also, capitalize the first letter of the important words in your title. Insert your last name and page numbers as a “header” in the top right corner of each additional page. The penalty for late papers is 10 points per day it is late. As a reminder, since this is a formal writing assignment, do not use contractions, slang, and/or write as if you are speaking to the reader.