Create a pamphlet that explains to its residents about migration patterns or territorial behavior of a local endemic species.

@five-Pr-oj@ Students will chose from one of the following creative project scenarios. No more than two (2) students can choose a given project. Students will choose their project in a randomized order. In addition to completing the creative portion of the project, you must write up an accompanying two (2) page paper,1summarizing the information in your project, including all references you used. You will present your creative project during our final two lab periods. The order in which you choose your projects will also be the order in which you present. Presentations will be 11 minutes long, including time for Q&A. Project Options: 0
The Federal Government has commissioned you to create a webpage about the importance of predator-prey interactions in the National Park System for the health of the ecosystem.
2. The Maryland Zoo (or zoo of your choice) has hired you to create a new display in their education center. The display is to cover how studying animal behavior is critical to maintaining the welfare of captive animals.
3. Baltimore Public Schools has asked you to create a lesson plan about animal behavior that is appropriate for a middle school science class.
4. A local community needs you to create a pamphlet that explains to its residents about migration patterns or territorial behavior of a local endemic species. The pamphlet should explain the function of the behavior, and ways that the local community can encourage natural behavior in an urban or suburban setting.
5. The local news station has contacted you because you are an animal behavior expert (of course). They need you to create a video segment for their prime time news slot about the latest new trends in animal behavior.
6. The World Wildlife Foundation needs your help. They need you to create a Public Service Announcement about how behavior of an endangered species can be used to help its conservation. Rubric for Creative Projects Lacking Emerging Mastering Exceeding Score Provides an accurate Represents Represents Represents Represents clear, /20 representation of incorrect or very mostly accurate accurate accurate, literature in the field incomplete information, information in representative information maybe the literature information in the incomplete literature Reflects deep Reflects lack of Reflects some Reflects strong Reflects deep /20 understanding of a understanding understanding understanding understanding concept/construct/set of evidence Is creative ( original, Not creative, Somewhat Creative Highly creative /20 unusual, unexpected, mundane creative different, clever, unique) Represents effort, is Represents little Represents some Represents Represents effort, /20 complex effort, one-effort, one-effort, multi-very complex dimensional dimension