Develop a voiceover PowerPoint presentation to share with their course mates.

Discussion: Video Presentation: Cultural Immersion Experience Assignment Instructions

The Cultural Immersion Experience Video Presentation allows the students to consider multicultural trends found in a particular diverse cultural group of the United States and to begin comparing/contrasting their own cultural experience with that of this other group.  Through the actual experience of what it is like to be immersed in a different culture, greater insight will occur into the role of the counselor in developing cultural self-awareness, understanding the role of community, cultural, and family systems, the promotion of social justice and advocacy, and the importance of eliminating biases.

Based on the student’s Cultural Immersion experiences, each student will develop a voiceover PowerPoint presentation to share with their course mates. The video presentation should address the following elements:

The video presentation should include the following content from the immersion experience:

The four key elements learned from research

Historical/current oppression of chosen population

Summary of two events and three (3) key things that were learned

Summary of agency/organization interview using question prompts

Summary of individual/couple interview information using question prompts

Summary of experience using prompts

A discussion of specific and practical application to counseling

The presentation parameters should include the following elements:

A professional PPT/Prezi that is well organized and appealing with appropriate pictures. Word count should be limited in the PPT/Prezi and should only include prompts to be covered by the student during video recording of the presentation. The slides need to include citation of scholarly references.

Voiceover presentation should last between 15-20 minutes.

This can be completed by using Kaltura Capture. See instructions for Kaltura in the thread.reach out to LU IT for technical support.

Students will view and reply to two other student initial videos and comment on the presentation sharing a reflective summary of what was viewed.

NOTE: When viewing initial videos, ensure that you view videos wherein there are either no replies or one reply from another student. If you happen to see an initial post wherein there are two replies from other students, then you must select another initial post. As part of your replies, include approximately 200 words for each reply commenting on the content of the video presentation.