Compare and contrast at least two creation accounts.

Creation stories are the oldest known myths that a culture has to offer. By examining creation stories, we also examine the beginnings of literary traditions. Every culture has a unique creation story. Most creation stories come from oral traditions and predate the periods in which they were written–and in some cases by ten thousand years or more. Despite the different features of these myths, one can also point to amazing similarities that indicate a common cultural past that humans share. Also, these myths shed light on how different cultures developed and their beliefs. You will find this website helpful for your perusal of these myths.

For this assignment, you will write a compare and contrast essay of four-five pages in length worth 15% of your final grade. This essay must be typed and use proper MLA citations—i.e., parenthetical citations and a works cited list. You must use at least two myths in addressing this topic, and one of your chosen myths must be from the course assigned readings found in the first module .

Many cultures have creation stories that have been told for generations. Creation stories from different cultures often show remarkable similarities, reflecting beliefs and values common to all peoples. Such stories also differ in significant ways that reveal differences between cultures.

In a four-five-page essay, Compare and contrast at least two creation accounts. Show what the stories have in common; then look at the differences between the stories. Analyze how these differences reflect features unique to each culture. Cite evidence from the texts to support your analysis. Summarize what the similarities and differences reveal about each culture.