Compare, contrast, and evaluate Plato and Aristotle on Democracy.

Prompt: Compare, contrast, and evaluate Plato and Aristotle on Democracy
Democracy. Is democracy really the best regime (as we are likely to think)? Why or why not?

•Your first and most important task in this essay is to demonstrate that you understand Plato and Aristotle. You will need to reconstruct their arguments in your own words and provide textual evidence to defend your interpretation as accurate. Take note: while these two major thinkers agree on a great deal, their arguments are not always the same. So you will need to distinguish between them whenever that is relevant.
•The second task of this essay is evaluative. You will need to state which aspects of their arguments you find convincing, which remain unconvincing, and why. A complete answer will have a clear, specific, contestable claim and will defend that with fully articulated rationale.
•Plan out the organization of your paper in advance. You are building an argument, which means you should arrange your thoughts in logical sequence. Be sure to give definitions for key terms and phrases.
•Use clear, concise language. Avoid unnecessarily convoluted or jargon-laden phrases.

Use the books Aristotle The Politics and the Constitution of Athens edited by Stephen Everson Revised Student Edition
Also, Plato Republic Translated by G.M.A. Grube Revised by C.D.C. REEVE