What Happens in Your Brain When You Taste Food?

Listen: Camilla Arndal Andersen: “What Happens in Your Brain When You Taste Food | TED Talk (Links to an external site.) (13.43 mins.).

Camilla Arndal Andersen’s Listen to TED Talk, and evaluate if she communicates her central ideas with conviction and credibility. What adds to or detracts from her authority? Is she persuasive or not? Give specific examples from her lecture to support your position. Use quotations from the lecture to support your analysis and illustrate your points. You are not expected to be a content expert; you are being asked to analyze what makes the presentation convincing or unconvincing to a general audience of viewers. Turn your opinion into an argument that takes a position. You should write in the third person, using academic prose. You are crafting a textual analysis of the TED Talk.
Use academic English, writing in the third person.
You should provide in-text citations, as well as a Works Cited for the TED Talk and any other sources you cite.
Use MLA Essay Format and MLA 2016 Works Cited Style.
Write as many words as you believe are necessary for clearly and concisely making your argument and providing compelling analysis and evidence to persuade your readers. At the ENGL 155 level, this will typically fall at least in the 550-600 word range.