Organizational Behavior-How do you handle conflict when it arises?

 MBA 602-Organizational Behavior

How do you handle conflict when it arises?

Seven guidelines for handling conflict can be found at
Think of a conflict you are involved in or have been involved in recently. How could you have applied these guidelines to that situation? Is there room for improvement in your conflict management skills?

Share your reflections on one of the guidelines and how you plan to use it in future conflicts.
If you have never been involved in labor negotiations, it can be a challenging task—especially if you lack experience in the process. Preparation is key.

Every manager should have an understanding of the process. Learn more at

Are there lessons in this article that could be applied to any negotiation process—for example, buying a car, negotiating a contract with a vendor, etc.? Think of a circumstance where you might find yourself explaining a negotiation process to a friend and the skills necessary to be successful. (Use the article for ideas.) Share the scenario and skills.

What factors influence virtual teams? For a short analysis, go to: Explain why you would or would not like working in a virtual environment. In what ways have these principles applied to working in virtual teams in this course?