How did other people students, strangers, family treat Latif after 9/11? Why did they treat him this way? How did he respond?

This is the outside website address on Youtube:, the Youtube Share Link: Bio:Imam Khalid Latifis a university chaplain for NYU and director of NYU’S Islamic Center, a leading voice on Islam in America.

He’s a soughtafter speaker, both in the U.S. and abroad, and has received many awards and recognitions for leadership over the last few years.

Credits: The story was filmed live at McCawHill at the Seattle Center on February 8, 2011.Questions for Study and Discussion After watching the video, consider the questions below.

For homework: Respond to these 6 questions.

Type your answers and upload your homework to the assignment link as a Word document.

1.Latif begins with a story about his travels to Pakistan as a 12yearold boy. What details does he use to describe his appearance as a child? Why does he choose these details?

2.How did other people (students, strangers, family) treat Latif after 9/11? Why did they treat him this way? How did he respond?

3.What experience made Latif feel “so wretched”? Why did he feel this way? What did this experience teach him?

4.What is the point of Latif’s story

5.Discuss any point in the video that affected you the most. Why did this part of the video affect you?

6.Can you relate this story on a personal level because of a similar experience that you encountered where you felt you were treated differently due to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, education, class or any stereotype?