Describe what you see in as much detail as you can – i.e. what is the physical distance between partners?

7. Stern – Infant – Caregiver Observation Paper 20%
Due: Paper is due May 7th, 2021. Please upload to Classe365 by midnight.

Part A) Read Stern’s (1995) The Motherhood Constellation. Please also read the provided articles by Alperovitz,  and Bloom.

In his book, Stern (1995) discusses the clinically relevant material as being found in the micro events/interactions between parent and infant. He states, “We can start with the assumption that the clinically important events and moments are the very small, ordinary, daily, repetitive, nonverbal events that, objectively speaking, did happen” (p.61).
With appropriate reference to the three articles, but focusing on Stern’s (1995) concept of observing the micro-interactions between infant and caregiver, describe, in detail, and record the interactions from the videos below. Observe verbal and non-verbal communications and look carefully at the meta-communication and nuances between parent and infant. Write your detailed observations.
Be careful not to draw conclusions or interpretations of the observed interactions – just describe what you see in as much detail as you can – i.e. what is the physical distance between partners? Is there an approach or a withdrawal and at what speed? What is the orientation, or shift in orientation of the pelvis, the shoulders, the face? Is there mutual gaze? For how long? Who breaks gaze? Who initiates gaze? This is the important data to record.
(5-6 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. New Times Roman font).

Please watch these videos: laughing-near-the-waterfall-in-the-park-while-traveling-to-the-canary-islands-hflvziwamjo8j2p80
&view=detail&mid=76D4D8F6A29D6E48039C76D4D8F6A29D6E48039C&&FORM=VRDGAR – conversation with mom

Part B)
Then, having reflected on your observations and what you have read in Stern and the articles, discuss how these micro-interactions (that become non-verbal schemas-of-being with) enter into and manifest in your therapy as a client. Focus on your schemas of being with and non verbal interactions between you and your therapist.
(3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times
New Roman font).