List the two historical facts and then explain the connection.

The academic style for this paper is Chicago/Turabian. The textbook is the only thing that can be used at a source. This assignment covers chapters 22-25, therefore the information can come from those chapters only. There are four parts for this assignment key IDs, Connection, geographical connection, and main takeaways. For the key IDs, three of them need to be created and there needs an explanation on why each one was chosen. Each ID should be around 250 words. For the connections, part of the untest one connection from the time period covered in the unit needs to be found. The facts should be different facts (not two sides of an issue, battle, debate, etc.) that may not seemingly be connected, but are. List the two historical facts and then explain the connection. The connection explanation should be around 250 words. A geographic connection is similar to the connection above, except that at least one of the facts is related to geography, climate, or environment. The last part is the overall takeaway which is around 250 words as well. For this part, you have to find three key takeaways (these are the most important overall themes in the history covered in the unit – they may span more than one lesson or period). This paragraph should follow the rule of three formatting and contain a thesis statement as the first sentence. This is followed by your description of the first key takeaway, its importance, and your detailed supporting evidence. Continue this pattern with the second and third key points from the thesis statement and then have a one-sentence conclusion.